You Can Get More Sailor Moon Merch While Spending Much Less

Featuring a zipper along its back, this Luna-themed pouch can store all your on-the-go requirements, making it the proper take-along bag for your next anime Con or airport commute. If you’re a Sailor Moon fan and are in Tokyo, you need to visit this store! Develop into a Sailor Senshi together with your very own feline guardian in tow. Toei Animation Studio is the studio that animated Sailor Moon! Keep reading to take a look at the 10 Sailor Moon tableware pieces! Though the images look slightly different, the Sailor Moon creator acknowledged that she drew inspiration from this shrine when she created the shrine within the anime… The ladies typically hung out at this shrine because it was the place Sailor Mars worked and lived.

It’s not just this shrine either; the area wherein the ladies normally hung out in the anime relies on-off of the realm in Tokyo generally known as ‘Azabu-Juban on.’ Though this museum is about animes apart from Sailor Moon, it’s an awesome place to go if you’re focused on how the anime was animated and delivered to live! Here is an inventory of online proxy providers I use to buy my Sailor Moon merchandise. I take advantage of this Sailor Moon Official Merchandise only for sites that accept international credit playing cards.- Sign up for an account. Japan Auctions.- Join an account. All of them might be shipped to Singapore, together with two Q-pot unique plates solely bought in Japan. The “Two Princesses” themed collaboration equipment embraces the “Melty Coronary heart Cologne” inspired by a perfume bottle, the “Princess Moon Cupcake,” which expresses a princess with a cute cake, and “Serenity Heart Sweet,” a dress arranged in a Q-pot.

Fairly Soldier Sailor Moon” at “Q-pot.” stores, you’ll receive “Serenity Coronary heart Accessory Tray,” which is a ceramic heart-formed mini tray with the motif of Princess Serenity’s dress decoration. Comprising an assortment of eighteen tank-tops, cardigans, knits, skirts, and storage pouches, the Sailor Moon Crystal Tralala apparel collaboration combines the magic of the new anime sequence with the model of Japan’s cutest clothes brand. Tokyo Otaku Mode surprisingly would not have much for Sailor Moon right now. However, they’re a reliable supply for anime merch. If you’re a giant Sailor Moon fan, Tokyo ought to be at the top of your listing of places to go to! Modeled after some of the most iconic transformation items in the anime, the necklace line includes Sailor Moon’s unique Transformation Brooch from season one, the Crystal Star Brooch from Sailor Moon R, and Chibi Moon’s and Sailor Moon’s Coronary heart Compacts from Sailor Moon S. While they make gorgeous additions to any outfit or assortment, these necklaces come with a hefty worth tag: $125 each or $750 for the whole set.