How Not To Ruin Everything with Your Buddy-Pal

Hey you! Yes, you. I see that sneaky look in your eyes when you see your buddy-pal. You thinking, “Hmm, maybe I wanna date a friend?” Well, sit down, and let me gives you the top-notch advices.

Step Uno: Feel the Vibes
Before you jumps into deep end of love pool, make sure you both feel the vibes. You don’t want to just date a friend because you bored or lonely, right? Make sure the fee lies are genuine.

Step Two: Talky-Talk
Communication is super duper important! If you want to date a friend, you got to be honest about your fee lies. But remember, no need to rush! Talky-talk over some ice creams or maybe watch them silly cat videos.

Step Three: Testing Waters
Before you full on date a friend, maybe try doing date-like things. Like, go watch movie, eat at fancy-shmancy place, or walk in park while holding hands. If feels weird, maybe just stay buddy-pals?

Step Four: Risky Business
You has to remember, when you date a friend, it little bit risky. If no work out, things might get awkward. So, always thinky-think if you really want to risk your buddy relationship for lovey-dovey one.

Step Five: Always Be You
Just because you want to date a friend don’t mean you has to change. Be your silly, goofy, or maybe even little bit weird self. That’s what your friend liked about you in first place!

To wraps it up, it not always easy to date a friend. But, sometimes, it worth the risk. Maybe you find love of life, or maybe you just get free dinner. Who knows? But remember, always be kind to each other, and laugh at your mistakes.

Good luck, and may the love be with you!